Accueil MSH-Alpes

Colloque internationaljeudi - vendredi, 28 - 29 Juillet 2011

4th Workshop on the Physics and Applications of Superconducting Microresonators

8H30-18H00  |  Amphithéâtre de la MSH-Alpes


Superconducting microresonators have recently generated great interest for various applications such as particle and photon detection or in circuit QED and quantum computing.

Although some of these applications such as kinetic inductance detectors for FIR detection are close to reach system level, many questions remain to be tackled and experiments continue to challenge the existing theoretical models.

This workshop is addressed to scientists working across these fields, to exchange knowledge and ideas, to present the recent progresses that have been achieved and to discuss intensively on a wide range of related topics.

The two days of the workshop will provide various presentations and discussions within these research topics, including resonator design and performance, readout techniques, limitations on quality factors, noise properties and underlying mechanisms, fabrication and material properties and finally system aspects of scientific instruments using superconducting microresonators and related performance.