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Investigating cognitive mechanisms of remembering the personal past

Conférence / Recherche

Le 17 février 2023

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Conférence de Krystian Barzykowski organisée par le GDR Mémoire.

Autobiographical memory is the ability to remember and recall our personal past. We typically use this type of memory voluntarily when, for example, trying to recall if we have paid the bills or the last time we went on holiday to the seashore. Nonetheless, autobiographical memories may also pop into our mind unintended, for example, when the taste of a certain cake at a café reminds us of our 40th birthday party. The goal of the talk is to use the perspective of experimental cognitive psychology and present a series of studies aimed at understanding the way(s) in which such personal past is remembered and retrieved. More specifically, during the talk I will present: (1) the context of studies on the involuntary and voluntary autobiographical memories, (2) the dimensional approach to autobiographical memory retrieval, and (3) the most important directions for further research.

Krystian Barzykowski is an Adjunct in cognitive experimental psychology in the Institute of Psychology at Jagiellonian University (Kraków, Poland). He is also a core member (i.e., Principal Investigator) in Applied Memory Research Laboratory based at the Institute of Psychology. The main subjects of his scientific interests are: memory retrieval processes (with special focus on voluntary and involuntary autobiographical memories), collective memories, prospective memory, mind-wandering and day-dreaming, cognitive ageing, psychological diagnosis, and cultural psychology (with special focus on psychological aspects of forced and voluntary migration). Over the past years, Krystian Barzykowski has become an expert on involuntary and voluntary memory studies, which has resulted in several papers on autobiographical memory retrieval published in JCR top journals. Hi is a recipient of several research grants (e.g., from National Science Center, Poland, Polish National Agency for Academic Research) and has earned several scholarships and awards for academic achievements. Since 2009 he is a member of the Board of the Polish Psychological Association: Krakow Division.

Un conférence organisée par le GDR Mémoire et qui fait lien avec l'axe Mémoire en réseau de la MSH-Alpes.

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Le 17 février 2023
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ID de réunion : 386 692 2336
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